Tell Them You Saw Their Trip on Scuba Schedules!

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It helps a lot when you tell a scuba charter or shop that you found their trip on Scuba Schedules.

That’s because it’s time consuming for dive operators to upload their schedules and dive trips to our calendar – and if they don’t think anyone cares, they get lazy. It’s human nature.

So help keep Scuba Schedules alive by reminding scuba stores and charters where you found them and encourage them to keep posting their dive trips!

Dive planning is so much easier when everything can be found on one site – and retail operations gain get the added visibility. It’s a win-win and charters & retail stores really appreciate the feedback.

So help spread the word.  🙂

If you really want to raise the flag, ask us for one of our free, very cool, tank decals / vehicle bumper stickers! The bumper stickers are about 6×4 and have gentle adhesive that won’t wreck your paintwork.

Just email your request to along with your mailing address.


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