Captain Sl8tr & Little Deeper Charters: New Ownership, Rebranding

by | Jul 3, 2017

If you’re having a hard time figuring out which South Florida scuba diving Charters are which these days, there’s a reason for that. There are a lot of changes afoot!

Keys Huka & Scuba have up and left the Florida Keys in search of less crowded waters. Once they get settled in Fort Lauderdale and rebrand, we hope to see them up and running on the South East scuba calendar.

Meanwhile, Little Deeper has a new owner in Stuart Scuba and although the boat will still carry the name Little Deeper, the new company has partially rebranded as Blue Heron Bridge Scuba. It’s all a little confusing – but all will eventually become clear! Look out for Little Deeper excursions on the South East scuba calendar – coming soon. Meanwhile you can find all the info here for scuba diving at Blue Heron Bridge – including a table for high tides. Stop by and leave a review of this great little dive site for others!

Farewell Captain Slater!~

Just up the street at Jupiter, one of the regions favorite dive charters, Captain Slater, AKA Capt. Sl8r is no longer owned by said captain and will also be rebranding soon as Kyalami Charters. Their site is famously confused with that of another local charter, so we’re hoping they’ll find a new URL to compliment their new ownership! You’ll find their scuba trips on the East Florida Scuba Calendar.

The ownership and branding may change, but we hope that the great service and reputation for safely will continue.

So long Slater, we’ll miss you and your crazy dive reports. Bon voyage!~

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